Facebook has officially announced a suite of tools designed to help Facebook users more easily communicate with businesses using Messenger. Now, businesses will be able to see their Facebook Page usernames being heavily promoted across the website, and Facebook will offer new ways to communicate with them such as Messenger Links, which are short URLs, and scannable Messenger Codes. These features are said to roll out in the “coming weeks.”

In addition, the company also revealed that there are 900 million people who use Messenger on an everyday basis.

Facebook made the announcement via  a Blogpost and states similar to Facebook users, a few Facebook pages will also have vanity URLs such as facebook.com/JaspersMarket. Those that have a vanity URL already have a username – it’s the part of that URL after the slash (e.g. @JaspersMarket). Soon, the username will show up directly on one’s Page, underneath the Page title with an @ symbol before it. Pages that already have a vanity URL already have a username, because a Page’s username (@JaspersMarket) and vanity URL are the same.

In addition, these Usernames help people find businesses on both Facebook and Messenger, so they that can easily connect with them and message the businesses they are  interested in. As each username is unique, they also help people to identify the exact business, even if you have a relatively common name. These Usernames will begin showing up directly on the Page, underneath your Page title with an @ symbol before it. However, Pages that do not have a username set up will see the option to select your username directly from your Page.

Facebook also introduced Messenger Links, which businesses can use to make it “fast and easy” for people to start a message thread with them. Messenger Links use a Page’s username to create a short and memorable link (m.me/username) that, when clicked, opens a conversation with the business in Messenger. Also, new Messenger Codes work in the same manner as they are unique codes that people can scan in Messenger using the camera in their phones to open a thread with your business. Businesses can use Messenger Links and Messenger Codes in ads, on their website or in any other marketing channel.

Facebook also introduced Messenger Greetings, which are customizable notes from businesses that appear in a new message thread before messages are sent.