By standardizing Messenger’s Emoji, Facebook has finally bridged the emojis divide between iOS and Android users.

Since iOS and Android render emojis differently, character appeared differently on both devices, due to which Android users were unable to see some emojis that iOS users could (instead black boxes used to appear for Android users).

Last week, Facebook updated Messenger, releasing, 1500 new emojis that are not only diverse in gender and skin tones, but also consistent regardless of what device or platform they appear on.

Facebook in a blogpost said that nearly 10 per cent of mobile sends in Messenger has emojis in them. So it is important for the social network giant that the emojis experience is consistent across all platforms.

Some of the Messenger’s new emojis includes a Sikh man, same-sex couple, a female police officer as well as a red-headed man and woman.

Facebook has also said that it will continue to make some more diverse emojis available over time.