Facebook-owned picture sharing network Instagram recently touched 500 million monthly active users. To celebrate the feat, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared a fun picture. In the picture, Zuckerberg is holding what appears to be a wooden frame in the background is his laptop. But it seems, he revealed more than he intended to.

Lo and behold, as a Twitter user with the name Chris Olsen pointed out on the micro-blogging website, Zuckerberg covers the webcam of his laptop with a tape. In fact, look closer in the picture and it appears that he has taped his laptop’s microphone as well.As Gizmodo wrote, sophisticated hackers are able to take control of a laptop’s camera, so it seems Zuckerberg is ensuring he doesn’t fall prey to any by putting a tape on his Macbook’s camera and audio jack.

The Gizmodo also claims that it is sure that this is Facebook CEO’s workdesk as he reportedly gave a tour of the same in a Facebook Live video some months ago.
Incidentally, it is interesting to see how a CEO of a company often accused of listening to private conversations of users and more, is paranoid about his own privacy.