Poke around any of your social media feeds for long enough and you’ll quickly discover that the techniques being employed by makeup artists, beauty vloggers, and cosmetic enthusiasts are anything by boring. Obviously, the classic cat eye is here to stay, but people are branching out and trying new eyeliner techniques. Spoiler: They are good!

These are just a few that have caught our attention recently, and we’re sure they’ll keep coming, too.

We really can’t get enough rainbow eyeliner. We love that this MUA used a lot of drugstore brands to create the look, as well.

How about this super colorful, thick, outlined eyeliner? And the little gems on the inner corners make this look even more fun.

Confetti eyeliner is like a party for your face. This one kind of feels like a nod toward Seurat’s pointillism, as well.

We covered bubble eyeliner a little while ago, and it’s just as cool now as as it was then