El Salvador is a small country in Central America. It tops the list of most dangerous countries in the world are kept. Every hour there is a murder in this country the UK’s crime rate is higher than 90%. Today we are going to show criminals and people’s life in El Salvador. Can ever know …
Fear of gangs in El Salvador two walks. Slwatrucha killed and 18 street gang. The two gangs to maintain their fear of people do more and more murder. They hit their tattoos to identify gang is Menmbers. Murder of another gang member the opportunity to gang is ready. The gang struck fear in this country is so high that it is created Menmbers prison separately. The 800 inmates in the prison of Ciudad Barrios panel name space in which criminals are now in 2600.

Prison, where the inmates of the secret
The country’s police in Ciudad Barrios prison panel also is afraid to go. The prison is guarded by the army. They have the inside track. However, the security guard is not a prison inside. The gang killed people so that they are dangerous turn Murder on small talk. That is why any security guards do not like being in jail.

Is not some kind of medical facility
Army of El Salvador with the prison inmates behaves like animals. They believe they are deserved. Some mattresses laid out in the room in the name of the medical facility are given. Sometimes prisoners refused to go to hospital when they are ill is. Sometimes the inmates are killed.