Best known as the world’s most mysterious country of North Korea in recent days has been in the news for some reason. In recent decades, the government organized the party congress. On this occasion we are going to tell you some terrible secret from the country’s military laser Faktskban dangerous chemical weapons to the country …
Compulsory military service for women
According to a report in The Guardian of 2015, the government of women 17 to 20 years of military training is mandatory. Where men are required to take 10 years of training, the training of women by the age of 23. The government has made rules. During the military parade attended by a large number of women are shown.
How much does it cost to host countries?
North Korea called the Songun policy, which the government of any priority over the rest of the army is. This means that if North Korea were suffering from famine, but the government will pay for the military. According to North Korea, his country’s budget is spent on the military Pisdi 15.8, 25 and 38 per cent said it the other country.
North Korea Paramilitry how large?
North Korea’s 15 million to 60 million people who are believed to have trained and armed at any time can be fielded. Especially in times of war, intended to strengthen North Korea was Workers Training. According to reports, every man in the country is one of the training course.
The laser is used Bain
North Korea uses these laser weapons is banned by the United Nations. Before Bain name ZM-87 China had produced two dozen laser weapons, but North Korea has not held public the exact number of these dangerous weapons.
Chemical weapons secrets
Reports North Korea has talked about some chemical weapons. However, it has more information. Aside from Kim Jong Nyukliar not fear attack by weapons, chemical weapons, while also never discussed it. However, analysts say that the time of the First World War to Korea things too, such as chlorine and mustard gas Phosgene. Some people even say that North Korea over their political opponents in the camp has been test.
America is angry, Kim Jong missile launches
While others say the angry individual work, the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-missile fires. That too when he is angry at the US action. Kim, who owns a Japanese chef in the family said that North Korea’s dictator, do not attack the US or South Korea, but her arms to demonstrate Chahtas like. When the allegations are unfounded, at a time when he gives the order to fire the missile.
Units made cyber war
North Korea is also the power of the internet to hack the system. In 2014 it came under the spotlight of the Sony hack. North Korea, South Korea’s cyber bureau -212 hundreds of banks, government institutions and even the president’s office has hacked systems. Not only in China, North Korea also made cyber unit.
Is equivalent to the US submarine near North Korea
According to reports, Americans are more submarine, is almost equal to North Korea. However, a US submarine is considered art, but the North Korean submarine is old fashioned. US nuclear submarine and cruise missiles simultaneously at several dozen can be taken.
North Korea to how many tanks, rocket
It is believed that North Korea possesses more than 4 thousand tanks, over 6,500 guns, rocket launchers and more than 2,500 aircraft are close to a thousand. However, a small country in terms of so many weapons significantly more knowledgeable explains. It is also said that due to lack of oil lying on the ground aircraft, the tanks and guns is also outdated over time.
Like Hitler regime in the country
Dictatorship in North Korea so that the exploitation of children for military service is used. The Young Red Guards of the 15 to 17 year-olds are recruited. It is the youth wing of Orgenaidj Paramilitry force. These boys are given 10 to 15 days of such training so that it can behave like a 18-year-old boys. They themselves have to arrange your food and Unifrm.