D-Day is the most important part of every girl’s life. People spend heavily on bridal dresses, accessories, shoes, jewelry and of-course on the bridal make-up to look perfect on the wedding day. But did you pay equal attention to your bridal kit which is going to be in use after your marriage as well?

Bridal kit is a must have kit that you are going to use right after your marriage. I am listing here 35 things that should be in every bridal’s vanity:Bridal kit is a must have kit that you are going to use right after your marriage. I am listing here 35 things that should be in every bridal’s vanity:

You should have a decent collection of 8-10 lipsticks that includes shades like red, orange, pink, nudes etc as per your choice. Don’t forget to keep a lip gloss.
2. Lip Balm

lip balm in bridal kit

For those days when you are not looking forward to apply a lipstick.
3. Eye Shadow Primer

Eye shadow primer acts as a base for your eye shadow. It improves eye shadow stay, enhances color and avoids creasing. Keep one in your kit in order to avoid messed up eye makeup.
4. Eye Shadow Palette

eye shadow in bridal kit

It is applied on eyelids to compliment the beauty of your face. Make sure to choose your eye palette carefully. Don’t forget to add gold in your eye shadow palette.

5. Eyebrow Pencil

It is used to groom eyebrows. Well defined eyebrows magnify your looks.
6. Eyeliners

eyeliner in bridal kit

Applied on the contours of an eye, it defines the eyes. These days various eyeliners are available in market that includes liquid, pencil and gel/cream based. Make sure you are buying waterproof eyeliner.

7. Colored Eyeliners

Colored eyeliners are also available. Consider your eye color before picking one.

8. Mascara

mascara in bridal kit

It is used to define eyelashes. You can find mascara in liquid, cake and cream form.

9. Kajal

Kajal is used to define eyes.

10. Foundation Primer

It is applied before foundation to improve coverage and longevity of your foundation.

11. Concealer

It is used to cover dark spots, age spots, dark circles etc. It is similar to a foundation but its consistency is a bit thick.

12. Highlighters

A highlighter can improve your complexion and features.

13. Bronzer

It adds shine to the skin and generally gives a suntan appearance.

14. Foundation

foundation in bridal kit

Foundation is used to cover skin blemishes, dark spots, age spots etc. It gives a smooth and defined look to a face. Recognize your skin type and exact complexion before choosing a foundation.

15. Compact

compact in bridal kit

It is a powdered cosmetic which when applied gives a smooth and even looking skin.

16. BB Cream

It is a multifunctional cream that hydrates your skin and gives it an even and brightens tone. BB creams are coming with SPF formula that can protect your skin from harmful sunrays. So just in one cream you are receiving a flawless skin and sunscreen.

17. Blush