Ask any parent how difficult it is to get their child to finish their meals sans the tantrums, and you will probably get an exasperated look. Children are notorious for their fussy eating habits. And if they have a sweet tooth, it gets even more difficult to veer them towards eating something healthy. The good news, however, is that it isn’t difficult to get your child to actually relish healthy items — you simply need to know how to make food more interesting and fun. Here are some simple yet effective tips…

– Don’t be sceptical to try new recipes. There are several ways in which you can make food tasty without worrying about it being unhealthy. Make a dip if your kids balk at the sight of vegetables.

Introduce new dishes slowly so that your child get can used to the taste. Don’t overwhelm them by piling their plate with health food all at once.
– Encourage your child to participate in the kitchen. Let them help you while you prepare meals so that they are aware about how much effort and time goes into cooking. Ask them to suggest foods that they enjoy eating and prepare them in different ways every time so that they can enjoy the variety.
– Lead by example. This means that if you’re asking your child to resist junk food, you should do the same. Children look up to adults and if they see that you’re being careless about your eating habits, they’ll end up doing the same.
– Don’t cut out all junk food completely. This will lead to cravings and tantrums. Instead, allow them to eat out once a week. This will balance out the equation without them feeling deprived.
– Make a schedule for the week so that you don’t struggle when it comes to cooking. Once the menu is planned beforehand, you have time to be innovative and plan in advance