Pop star Elton John is taking North Carolina’s governor to task for signing a bill that limits antidiscrimination policies for LGBT people, saying he needs a lesson in compassion.

Writing for a blog posted Tuesday on The Hill,John wrote that the law (which requires public school students to use restrooms for the gender they were assigned at birth) is discriminatory and the state is wasting millions of dollars to defend it. He also wrote that’s what worse is Gov. Pat McCrory signed the bill after saying he had never met a transgender person.

The governor took that statement back, but John says he sent the clear message that the experiences of transgender people have no place in a debate about their rights.

“It’s a message we hear far too often,” he said in the blog post. “This brand of ignorance deliberately shuts out the perspective of an already marginalized community. It’s dangerous, and it goes beyond bathrooms. As the father of two children, I would hope their world is free of discriminatory, hateful legislation like North Carolina’s.”

The 69-year-old John and his husband, David Furnish, have two children, Zachary and Elijah. McCrory did not immediately respond to a request for comment.