In a letter to education and other organisations, Mr Bruton said the plan will be informed by the Programme for Government and aims to transform education to support the development of a strong economy.

In his letter, the minister says a strong economy is necessary to support a fair and compassionate society. No area of the Government’s work is more vital to this mission than education, he adds.

The letter states that the Government has committed to producing the strategy in the first 100 days.

It has been sent to 230 organisations described as stakeholders in education.

As well as school management bodies and trade unions, they include business organisations, representatives of religious bodies and disability groups.
The letter outlines eight areas listed as priorities in the Programme for Government, including tackling disadvantage, diversity, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship and meeting future skills needs.

Notable by its absence is any mention of addressing the funding crisis in higher education – an issue highlighted most recently by the department’s own officials.

Organisations have until 8 June to make submissions, and, the Department of Education says the process is open to all.