Several academicians, officials and retired judges on Sunday strongly urged the government to implement practice-oriented education system to help students excel in their career and life.

Srikakulam Intellectuals Forum organised a meeting here to discuss the education system and various laws such as Right to Education and Right to Information.

Speaking as the chief guest, former Vice-Chancellor of Ambedkar University H. Lajapathi Rai said that classroom to common man’ concept was being implemented throughout the world in various forms and said such reforms would help youngsters know the government schemes, lapses, chances for improvement and other things during the college days.

Visakhapatnam Joint Police Commissioner A.S. Khan and Srikakulam SP J. Brahma Reddy recalled the initiatives of the university which could draw the attention of the government too.

Former minister Gunda Appala Suryanarayana, retired judge and president of Intellectuals’ Forum Pappala Jagannadha Rao felt that the students who gained practical knowledge can serve society in a better way in future.

Professor D. Vishnumurthy, Srikakulam Citizens’ Forum president Baratam Kameswara Rao asked the forum to create awareness among the youngsters and others over the new laws which were enacted to benefit the future generations.

“We will frequently organise such meetings to explain the flagship programmes and new laws. It helps everyone to understand their importance and usage in day-to-day life. RTI Act can help people protect themselves from corruption,” said Mr. Jagannadhara Rao. Earlier, executive committee members of Ambedkar University Baratam Laxmana Rao, Jayaram and others felicitated Mr. Lajapathi Rai for bringing several reforms in the university.