Ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox One event tomorrow, images of what appear to be a slim Xbox have surfaced online. The device is apparently called the Xbox One S.

Users on NeoGaf leaked images of a white, slimmer, Xbox One console. We were expecting a “40 percent slimmer” Xbox One at E3 and as far as we can tell, these images seem to be genuine.

The new console does indeed appear to be much slimmer than the original and it’s certainly gorgeous in white. It also looks like the console can be made to stand vertically. If the rumours are to be believed, the console will come with full support for 4K and HDR playback for video. It’s also possible that there will be a 2TB version of the console available.

The controller is also apparently going to be “streamlined,” which might mean a smaller or slimmer controller. We really can’t tell if the controller seen in the images is the newer, streamlined one, but it is available in white and honestly, we think it looks much better than the boring old black one or the Xbox 360’s white and grey option.

Microsoft’s actual E3 press conference will be held tomorrow and we’re sure to hear about the console and tonnes of other games. Stay tuned for more information.