A drunk loner who cut the heads of snakes – and tried to eat them – has been spared jail. Twisted Jennifer Lampe decapitated two of her pets with a pair of scissors before swallowing their heads, Then she brazenly boasted to RSPCA officers investigating the crime that she had found one easier to swallow than the others. Lampe slaughtered the two-metre boa constrictor and bull python during a heated row with her sister. The 28-year-old swallowed the snake heads to hide the evidence after police were called but threw them back up. Officers found her covered in blood with the headless boa constrictor, which was still alive, hanging from her neck.  Lampe told them she killed the snakes because she feared was about to be made homeless and would lose them. Officers discovered the heads stuffed in her pockets at her sister’s home in Church Stretton, Shrops. Vets said the snakes would have suffered a painful and prolonged death after their heads were cut off. The reptiles may have been “aware” as Lampe swallowed them because their heads can remain operable after decapitation. Days before the gruesome killing she had drowned a pet hamster in a fish tank and dumped two cats and a puppy.  Magistrates in Telford gave her a four-month suspended sentence and banned her from having animals for five years. Chairman of the bench Sue Terrell told her: “This is a rather unpleasant, not to say bizarre, incident.”