The much-hyped AAP youth manifesto to be released on July 3 at Amritsar will primarily cover three aspects concerning the youth – drug addiction, unemployment and better education facilities. Most AAP leaders are tightlipped over their manifesto.However, a senior party leader associated with the Punjab AAP dialogue revealed that the handouts being printed for circulation would be running into nearly three pages and would cover a detailed plan on the three main issues.“Based on the discussions that took place during Bolda Punjab events for the youth, the party will make a slew of announcements to cash in on the sentiments of the youth of Punjab. These will include creating a database of every drug addict in every corner of the state and keeping a track on him with the help of the police, administrative staff, teachers and even roping in party’s own volunteers. For the purpose, the villages will be clubbed to form clusters for which doctors or small rehabilitation centres will be set up in close proximity. A proper follow-up of each addict will be done even after treatment. The police will be given directions on not nabbing addicts but booking smugglers while keeping the focus on breaking the supply nexus”, a party insider revealed the main poll agenda.Regarding unemployment, the party leaders are contemplating opening maximum number of job avenues for nearly 7 lakh youth, who pass out each year in Punjab.The plan includes nearly 1.5 lakh government jobs while promoting entrepreneurship. The party intends to follow Delhi’s education model in toto for Punjab. The issues raked up in special sports session held in Phagwara too would be a part of the manifesto.AAP youth president Harjot S Bains said, “We will be circulating handouts to nearly 20,000 youth to be present at the venue – Ranjit Avenue. The details of the manifesto will be spread around immediately via soft copies of it on social media and emails. Posters in all nooks and corners and jan sabhas for the youth will follow to spread the points mentioned in the manifesto”.Congress toes AAP linePPCC spokesperson Dr Navjot Dahiya on Tuesday said a crucial meeting of the election manifesto committee of the party would take place on June 30 in Jalandhar. Dr Dahiya said medicos, professionals and intellectuals would set the agenda of the upcoming Congress government in Punjab in the presence of former minister Manpreet Badal, former chief minister Rajinder Kaur Bhattal and ex-PIDB GM Gurpratap Mann. The committee members will also personally visit the important trade organisations to have first-hand stock of the reasons behind poor plight of the businesses and community.