Guess you saw this luxurious suite before we tell you that it is the prison of Paraguay. It is so fantastic that the whole prison. This is the same as the general prisons. But a portion of it is designed plush. And was serving a sentence in this part of Brazil Jarvis Cimens Pwao drug traffickers. Is considered the most dangerous smuggler …
It is South America’s most dangerous drug traffickers. Money Loundring it was in the case of 8-year prison sentence. Security officials put the Reds on Tuesday night when he was stunned to see the glory Shaukat. The revelation of Paraguay’s capital, there was consternation. Pwao has been transferred to another prison.
According to the lawyer of Pwao, has paid large sums for the lavish life. About six or seven ministers were bribed so that the prison authorities. The following disclosure law minister removed from office. He created the new law, he said that this cell will fractured. Also in this act, which includes people, strict action would be taken against them.
Luxury means of getting in jail
Pwao was living in the part of the prison, there is a bedroom, a kitchen and a conference room too. Air conditioners are engaged. Library with plasma TVs. It is also a big collection of DVDs. These DVD’s are associated with drug smugglers. The most famous drug traffickers is Escobar. In the 90s it was called King of Cocaine.
Pwao Pwao 2017 to 2017 was the release from prison was exfoliate. But he was trying to flee before the prison break. Fearing that he would be sent from Brazil, where there are already several cases pending against him.