For most couples finding out the gender of their unborn child is exciting enough. But one pair from Navarre Beach, Florida, ensured the experience was even more dramatic by bringing rifles into the equation.

Rather than finding out at the hospital, Keith Batchelder, 34, a member of the US Army Special Forces, and fiancée Jamie Indiveri, 24, a massage therapist, went to the woods to shoot a box open to find out their baby’s sex.

They used a labeled box filled with Tannerite and colored chalk powder which Keith then had to shoot open using a rifle to reveal the gender.

When the air turned blue – indicating a boy – the couple were overjoyed. Jamie said she went through ‘so many different emotions’ while they waited to find out the sex of their baby, due September 16, and said they have chosen to name him Landon.

She told Daily Mail Online: ‘Mostly, butterflies. We were both just so excited for the day to actually be there. Our friend had the envelope with the gender enclosed for over a week, we were dying to know.’She said they devised the plan together because they wanted to do something unique