The RSPCA has rescued 18 puppies and seven dogs from an “irresponsible” backyard breeder in a southern Perth suburb. The owners of the mixed-breed dogs, which are aged between two and three weeks, came forward and surrendered them because they had not been vaccinated, sterilised or microchipped.

RSPCA chief inspector Amanda Swift said the situation had gotten out of control.

“This situation has occurred because of irresponsible backyard breeding and unfortunately this is something that the RSPCA see time and time again,” Ms Swift said.

“This is somebody that has found themselves in a situation because their animals weren’t sterilised and instead of just giving the animals away on the internet … they’ve done the responsible thing.”

None of the dogs suffered any serious medical problems but had been treated for fleas and worms.

The dogs — four of which are mothers to the litters — and their pups were living in reasonable conditions but it was the sheer number of animals that made their environment unfit, Ms Swift said.

She said the mothers would work with a behavioural team as part of their recovery.

The RSPCA is calling on the State Government to consider stricter laws on de-sexing and breeding dogs in Western Australia.

“We call for mandatory de-sexing of all dogs in the same way as the Cat Act does for cats,” Ms Swift said.

“And the sale of puppies to be done through registered breeders or through a shelter environment to prevent this time of situation happening again.”

The RSPCA is confident that the dogs will find new homes when they are around nine weeks old.

They will remain at the RSPCA Animal Care Centre until then.