Your office is where you spend a majority of your time. It is said that an average person spends anything between 40 to 60 hours a week at the workplace, which is a sizeable number when you actually think about it! Which is why, say experts, it is important that the workplace should be a healthy space. Here are some simple rules to follow.

 While you can’t do much if you have a desk job, make it a point to get up at least every 20 minutes to shake your body up from its lethargy. Whether it is simply to walk down to your colleague’s desk, a trip to the watercooler or the washroom, this small detour will benefit your body greatly.
  Make sure that you don’t eat at your desk. Even if you don’t spill anything, tiny crumbs always find their way to your desk and attract rodents and flies. If you absolutely have to eat at your desk, wipe it clean after you finish eating with a wet wipe.
  Ensure that you adjust your computer and chair in such a way that you aren’t uncomfortable and you don’t have to strain while working.
  Always clear up the clutter on your desk at the end of the day. You don’t want to return to a messy desk the next morning and struggle to start work. A clean desk will help you stay organised as well.
  Wash your hands after using the washroom. Remember that the place is used by hundreds of people which means that infection rates are also high. Maintain hygiene.
Don’t forget to stretch in your chair every once in a while. Desk jobs mean tensed shoulders or worse, a stiff neck, so a couple of simple stretching exercises will make sure your body doesn’t suffer.