Yes, Mini Klones does just that.
We caught up with Nikhil Kapur, owner, Mini Klones who is a wedding photographer and is now wooing his clients making it possible for them to hold their clones in their hands, forever!Though 3D printing was officially invented in 1984, the concept of copying and recreating something three-dimensional still comes across to some as something that belongs in Star Trek. I have been working towards offering my clients
these customised figurines since early 2015. This latest technology in 3D printing allows people to capture their own image in a miniature form. This fun and cool replacement for photographs basically means that you can own a doll-sized
version of yourself. They are photo-realistic miniature replicas of any person or object.
The idea for Mini Klone came to me, when I first saw, what was possible with 3D printing technology. As a professional wedding photographer, my endeavour is to make a memorable moment even more special for my clients by capturing it
in photographs. 3D printing allows me go ten steps further by bringing to life that moment and creating a unique visual memory. It’s a moment in time that you can literally hold on to.
What are the specifications of these Klones?
There is actually no minimum and maximum size for the product. We can print really small figures as well as life-size figures. Anything larger than 14 inches will need to be printed in parts and then combined. This gives a seamless product
because all the joints have been generated on the computer and just need to be locked into place.
The only limitation is that we need to have 360-degree visual information of the person to be able to print an accurate replica. A lot of people call us to gift these Klones but have just one single image to work with. We have to then try and
convince them to either click the picture and send us or find images from a social media account. We can work with any images as long as it helps us get all the information we need to create a three-dimensional image.
Which occasions seek highest demand for getting a portrait?
We offer our product to a variety of clients who are looking to preserve a moment for eternity in the most lifelike way possible. Graduation portraits, corporate gifts, pregnant mothers, superhero figures with your face on the outfit, pets,
wedding couples, cake toppers are just a few fabulous ideas of what can be done using the 3D printing process. Proud parents can also convert their child’s 2 dimensional drawing on paper into a 3 dimensional object.
Future plan is to showcase the potential of 3d printing technology across industries. The 3D market, a potential 2 billion euro industry, has a lot of room for growth in India’s booming and changing lifestyle sector.
The country’s online gifting industry alone is estimated to be US$30 billion – US$400 million. With diwali right round the corner, Mini Klone could make for a fun and quirky gifting idea.
The other thing that we can do with Mini Klone is creating figurines of children with their favourite superheroes.
Weddings are yet another good place to create your 3D selfies. Couples want to be immortalized with their young and beautiful wedding day appearances…it’s better than a photograph.
Modelling buildings to create attractive models to show to real estate clients is another field that is great for 3D.
40% of the world’s oral cancer is in India where people lose their jaw bones. 3D can be used in the medical field too, particularly bone transplants.