You might have seen men went round the temples, but have you ever heard of an animal is that? Probably not heard tell Puttenahli near Bangalore has just such a case. Mahalaxmi temple located here is a dog wandered for 6 hours a day and head tilts. He does this every morning from 4 pm to 10 pm. Then people come Hakdekne goes home …
According to local people, the dog is doing this for the last 2 months. 10 pm Mostly it goes, but is occasionally wandered evening. To view the large number of people are arriving now, so take the traffic jams are. According to the people during the round remains mostly calm, but occasionally barks too.
Do not blow on the run
In the beginning, people saw it when it went round the temple tried to escape. Stone dead, but the dog did not stop circling. This leads to the temple every morning and think rounds. Not only that, if someone is in the way it came out of the side but he completes his round.
In the past such cases have come to light
Dog rounds of the temple was not the first time the event, but in the past there have been many such cases. Jhansi Mauranipur Shiva temple where a dog was circling, Chhattisgarh bajrangbali orbit was a dog in the stabbing.