Go Pro has barely sipped the skies with its Karma drone for a week, and already its rival DJI has come up with its riposte in the form of the Mavic Pro.

Unveiled on Tuesday, the Mavic Pro is an “ultra-portable” personal camera drone that can be folded up into “roughly the size of a water bottle”, according to DJI.- Visual navigation system using 12-MP CMOS sensor [as does the Karma]

– 3-axis gimbal for image stabilisation [as does the Karma]

– -90° to +30° range of motion and can rotate in all directions [whereas the Karma’s gimbal can only tilt up and down between -90° and 0°] 4.3-mile (7-km) range [whereas the Karma has a 0.62-mile (1-km) range]

– 27-minute flight time [whereas the Karma has a 20-minute flight time]

– Weight of 734 grams [whereas the Karma weighs 1.006 kg]

– Built-in high-res 4k camera on the front [whereas the Karma needs you to attach a separate Go Pro camera, which adds to the weight]- Foldable propellers, and compact size of 83 x 83 x 198 mm [whereas the Karma folds down to 89.9×224.3×356.2mm]

– Top speed of 65 kph [whereas the Karma can’t go faster than 56.3 kph]

– Remote controller with LCD screen display that can be paired up with a smartphone for 1080p video feed [whereas the Karma has a 720p touchscreen]

– Obstacle avoidance, object tracking, ‘Follow Me’ [whereas the Karma has none of these features]

– Cost of $749 for the drone and camera, $1,000 for drone + remote controller [whereas the Karma costs $799 for drone+controller. But you will need a camera, obviously, and that takes the cost up to $1,200]Go Pro’s stocks plummeted by over 6% on Tuesday after the DJI stole its thunder.