French Manicure Nail Art Design: The most popular summer nail art design that girls like to apply on their nails is French manicure nail art design. Whether you are going out for a party or for a hangout with friends, this design looks perfect for any occasion. To get a fun look, apply a pale pink or clear base coat nail polish and colour the french tips with white nail polish on your nails.

Zigzag Nail Art Design: Apply a bright nail polish and put the zigzag tape over your nails. Apply a different colour nail paint on the leftover part and for a finishing look, just put a clear nail polish. Well, this nail art design works best with a simple outfit so as your nails take centre stage.
Polka Dots Bow Nail Art Design: In today’s world, bow accessories are very much in trend and they look beautiful and pretty on your ring finger. Apply a nude base coat or a light pink colour on your nails, add polka dots with the help of toothpick and stick a bow accessory using nail glue. Therefore, for finishing just add a top coat.
Striped Nail Art Design: Bright, easy to make and looks amazing on nails. Well, to have striped nail art design, put a french manicure with some bright and cool colours of nail polish. All you need is to create stripes with a help of nail art striper pen or then bursh

Glittery Nail Art Design: Want some glitter on your nails? Well, then try this glittery nail art design in this summer heat. This nail art depicts the sensitivity of a woman. To get the glittery nails, all you need is to apply a nude coat as base and then apply glitter on the tips with the help of a sponge. In addition, just add a top coat to enhance or your nail art

Ombre Nail Art Design: Dab, dab, dab isn’t that fun do it? A simple, quick and easy to do ombre or sponge nail art design is the nail art of this summer. Put any two bright colours directly on the sponge and dab the sponge on your nail to get the two-colour or ombre effect look. Wipe out the extra nail paint and add a top coat to get the finished look
Spiral Nail Art Design: If you have broad nails, then this pattern looks best in this heat. Apply a white nail polish and make a spiral pattern with four to five different colours. Wait until it gets dry and then apply top coat for a finished look.