The world’s largest flower. Arnauldi Rafleshia name. The flowers bloom each year to three feet Warla course blooms. Found in Australia when the flower blooms, its smell is unbearable.
The list is followed by the second Veltbiscia Mirabilis plant found in Namibia. The plant consists of only two leaves and thin twig. Its leaves grow faster than the twig. These two meters long, eight meters wide, growing and growing until the ends. These plants can live for 1500 years. Without rain, these may be granted for five years.
Venus Fly Trap, you know about. It is a plant whose leaves swoop kill any bugs inside and take off are eating. In doing so it takes less than a second.
This is the Dancing Plant. Hedisayrm its name. Even a slight wind, wave its leaves rapidly begin to dance. Darwin called the plant. It is preferred.
The Kaurps plant. A tall man with flowers. It is found in Indonesia. The flowers smell typical of its length and is increasingly coming. The smell is so rotten as to be in front of you, one individual.