We all know that when it comes to weight loss, it is 70 per cent diet and 30 per cent workout. So if you have made up your mind about the diet you will follow, ask yourself the following questions. The below questions will help you know if your diet plan will actually work or just leave you starving, vexed and dissatisfied.Fix a number. And before doing that, consult a doctor for making that number realistic. After all you do not want to over-stress your body giving it an unhealthy goal. Be pragmatic even if you think you’d be able to do more. Do you think that to lose weight, the amount of calories burnt must surpass the amount consumed? While it is true, the ratio varies from person to person. So, let a doctor study your diet and recommend you a healthy calorie intake to make the plan a successful one. (Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock Images)No matter how strict you are with your diet, listening to your body is always beneficial. If you are putting too many restrictions on your body by keeping it hungry, it’ll make you repay later by making you overeat. So let your body make a healthy relationship with food so as to catalyze your weight loss process.
Make sure that every diet you follow is a combination of proteins, fat(yes!) and carbohydrates. Cutting down on fats completely will hinder your weight-loss journey. Your body needs all the mentioned nutrients for staying fit and energized.It’s repeatedly said to increase your fluid intake, but remember, do not consume it in excess. Having a meal-replacement shake is good if done once in a while but totally depending on it would do no good to you. Also, make sure you do not go for the sweetened fluids, they’ll just increase your blood pressure, leaving your even more hungry.A diet should not strive you to get you internal pleasure. If you are being too much restrictive, the diet won’t last long, sooner or later it will make you feel irritated. Thus, if you go to a restaurant, look for nutrient-rich products like steamed vegetables or recipes rich in proteins.If your diet makes you feel lethargic, dissatisfied or hungry, then you are not on the right track. How your diet makes you feel is one of the most important questions you should ask. It gives you an idea about how your body is adapting to the change.Before starting a diet, make sure you haven’t removed foods like fruits, legumes, etc. If you have, it is definitely a fad-diet. Also, it is unrealistic to remove food likes cookies/chipsNeither being obese nor eating deficiently is good for you. Both of them bring along risks of high blood pressure and heart disease. Being over/under weight can harm you in many ways. So ask your doctor as to how much weight you need to lose to be in the risk-free categoryAlthough exercising is recommended beyond the shadow of a doubt, but not every exercise is the same. Cycling on a cycling machine or cycling in a park, although being almost the same exercise, they both demand differently physically. Consult your doctor as to how much exercising you require while on a diet depending upon the number of calories you need to burn. With the increasing perils of widespread pollution all over the city, it has become almost impossible to stay safe from its harmful effects. Children are more prone to air borne diseases and thus tend to have severe health implications in comparison to adults because their organs are more vulnerable.
So here are 10 ways you can guard your children:Researchers have found that those with low levels of vitamin C had an increased risk of breathing problems. So, deep-colored fruits and vegetables such as berries, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, apples and plums that are packed full with antioxidants are good for you.Ever saw yourself eating? If not, hang a mirror in the dining room and look yourself while you eat. According to a study, people who look at themselves while eating end up eating less, helping them in cutting on junk food. Also, if going out for a dinner at a friend’s place, make sure the hostess can see you while eating, this will make you reconsider your choice of eating unhealthy. Strange, but it works.Okay, this might sound simply inefficacious but it actually works. So every time you eat something unhealthy, consider contrasting your dishes with your food. For instance, if you are eating red sauce pasta, don’t opt for a red plate to go with it. Instead go for a white one. This way, it will help you keep a track of the amount of food you are eating and you won’t end up eating in excess.Not that we are encouraging you to watch television while eating, but honestly speaking, we all do that instead of it being repeatedly discouraged. So why not do it smartly? Binge on to all those chips while watching comedies, eating them while watching any action or sad movie will escalate your consumption.Stress! Although this six letter word is related to us mentally, but no second thought to the fact that it affects our body physically as well. It induces the release of stress hormone called cortisol, which leads to increased belly fat. So why not bid adieu to it?

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