It appears that the Nitish Kumar government’s decision to ban sale of liquor in Bihar has failed to deter people from buying alcohol even if it comes at an inflated cost.

According to, dealers in Bihar are selling bottles of alcohol for as little as Rs 600 in the Janata Dal(U)-ruled state.

An wine dealer revealed that one can get what ever brand of alcohol they ask for and it would take just 10 to 15 minutes for it to be delivered.

This is despite the ban on sale of any type of liquor announced by the Bihar government.

During a sting operation, Vinay Verma, Narkatiaganj Congress MLA, was caught on camera offering drinks.

The Congress MLA was caught boasting about how his liquor reserve is fully stocked and constantly being supplied afresh.

“I will offer you liquor. If you want drinks, I can offer at my house. What we already have, how do we throw it? We have to use it,” the Congress MLA was quoted as saying.

For many who want to drink alcohol, the other option is to buy it from Nepal.