Scholars, journalists and a former US assistant secretary of state for South Asia while analyzing the state of affairs in Pakistan identified weaknesses and strengths in the current political setup, but were confident that while the military will be ‘dominating’ it will not derail democracy. Speaking on the occasion former US assistant Secretary of State for South Asia Robin Raphel said, “The military does not want snap elections,” she was confident that elections would be held in 2018 but added that early elections would benefit Imran Khan.

Raphel and other participants argued that Pakistan’s armed forces do not trust Imran Khan because he is perceived to be a ‘loose canon’ – which may or may not be true.

Participants expressed confidence that democracy has been strengthened in Pakistan and it will be difficult to alter the democratic path the country was on.

Empowering provinces through amendments in laws has created improved the existing system in the country, another participant added.