On May 8, Mother’s Day has been celebrated all over the world. On this occasion we are going to meet a mother who your child to show a natural water birth, decided to capture. Full Time Blogger Canadian couple the video is uploaded to YouTube. 12 million people watched the video …
The child’s mother says that their child alley further function is to show how the family. Elley child was born at home in the natural manner tub. Couple from the day of delivery of the woman giving birth, the pain began to shoot continuously for many hours. Video uploaded on YouTube more than 12 million people have seen so far.
Alley and her husband, both family living in Toronto, Dan subjects related to blogging. Before the birth of the couple’s first child was also captured. Alley says that he wants to show their videos that give birth to a beautiful feeling. They say that movies are often shown as negative Penful event that is not right.
After giving birth to baby girl in the video also says she is feeling so good that he can participate in the marathon. The couple was married 3 years ago. Alley said that about 8 years ago, his mother died, then his life inspired him to capture.