Some robots are beginning to work in Lndnklndn Delivery Boy. Robots are scaled household food supplies. ‘Starship named a six-wheeled robot technology company by road with many obstacles while crossing the parcel is delivered. He also confronts her with the help of special sensors and signals also crosses well. Know how long the stuff into a …
The robot is to take 30 minutes. Indeed it your way at a speed of six and a half kilometers per hour, so it is not an accident. However, like the speed of the delivery boy from responsibility in any case not less. So if someone tries to steal parcels could take her picture, which can be sent directly to the police control room.
Connect to the Internet remains
It is also connected to the Internet. With the help of 3G technology in the home looking for a way of eating that takes orders. It is designed primarily for walking on the sidewalk. In fact, its about a year doing such tests on the robots. Starship in Europe and the US The company’s robots have 8 thousand kms and 4 million people have scaled the parcel.