Private Game Reserve in South Africa, a deer hunt in the African wild dogs and made 12. Nyala antelope surrounded by these dogs tried hard to save himself, but could not. Dogs surrounded him from all sides and began to bite, after which he surrendered Nyala antelopes. Venter said the entire incident Hendry clicked photos.
Venter said the event photographer Hendry Jimanga Private Game Reserve in KwaZulu Natl where 12 Team Effort showing little wild dogs hunted deer. It was really surprising sight. Deer tried to save himself, but the dogs lost the front. Please tell these dogs are dangerous, like hyenas. However, the hyena eats organisms killed by other animals, but these dogs are victims themselves. Their speed is 65 km per hour.
Hendry said that my childhood was spent in the farmhouse, which is why I have seen from close to wildlife. So, when these dogs to hunt deer on the broken so I had captured their better moments. It was truly spectacular sight. After the hunt, the dogs having fun, I clicked.