Deepika Padukone featuring in the Hollywood film XXX3: Xander Cage Returns has become common knowledge. In fact plenty of images of Deepika shooting for the film have been doing the rounds on social media sites. Well adding some more images to the ones already making headlines, Deepika’s co-star in the film Nina Dobrev posted an image featuring her and Deepika Padukone saying, “Our on screen alter egos.”Becky” the Tech Nerd + “Serena” the films female badass. @deepikapadukone #XXXtheMovie”.

Later adding another image from behind the scenes shoot of the film Dobrev posted, “Behind the Scenes. #XXXtheMovie #vindiesel @deepikapadukone #tonicollette”.

As for the film, XXX3: Xander Cage Returns which marks the return of Diesel as the main character of Xander Cage features Deepika Padukone apparently playing a huntress and Diesel’s ex-lover. Said to be an action film with tons of stunts that take long board to the next level, the film is set for release toward the end of 2016 or early 2017.