Death can come at any time and from anywhere. The show is another matter. In many cases death, which is hard to believe. In some cases, the death of a cow have been crushed under the acting of a heart attack and died. Today we are going to tell you just like that of death fell from 9 Mamlekct peculiar cow, man died down …

Brazilian Joao Maria de Souza who killed many people did not believe. Maria de Souza was sleeping in the house when the roof fell upon them from the half-tonne cow. However, there were still conscious and most things were Maria. He died in the hospital due to internal bleeding. Indeed, the cow had climbed to the roof of their home neighborhoods fled. Weak roof could not bear the weight of the cow and the cow fell down.
Death by drowning in the party was full of lifeguards

What could be more bad luck. Orlions lifeguards in New Mexico in 1985 there was the annual party. The party was attended by over 100 lifeguards. Jerome Moody guest present at the party as the party of death was due to drowning. Surprisingly, none of these so that people did not see them drowning.
Blood robot hands
Robert Williams in 1979, living in the US are working in the factory of death was at the hands of a robot. Indeed, Williams worked in the factory there
Roberts was also made. By submitting parts factory robot arm suddenly took on the head of Williams, which died on the spot. Williams on behalf of the factory, about 66 crore as compensation to the family of the.
Cockroach eating death

Edward Archbold in 2012 participated in the competition to eat Cokroches. The cockroach eating too much because of their killing.
While the acting was really heart attacks Attack
Actor Gareth Jones of his life’s last movie was shooting. They had to act in the scene of a heart attack. During the shoot he was really attack. At first everyone thought Gareth’re acting, but after a while he realized that everyone was really attack. But by then it was too late and he was dead.
Soup drug injection took place
Rio in 2012, a resident of the death of 88-year-old Ida Victor Mesial care nurse at the hospital because of you. Indeed, hospital nurse injected full of soup instead of feeding tube put in their veins, which had died.
Had taken the drug to become immortal, lives lost

China’s Qin Shi Huang Qing red pill to become immortal name medication was taken. He believed that after eating the medicine he will be immortalized forever. But her account of their deaths. Indeed, the medicines they were understood to be immortal, he was Mercury. Mercury gets inside the body died because of the poison.
Gifts from the lives of people took pleasure

Draco’s death in 620 BC Athenian law maker was happy to get gifts. Indeed, fans of Draco sent him lots of gifts. Seeing so many gifts, can not tolerate them together and lost their lives.
Poultry have died himself Ldhate

In 2011 a man named Jose Luis Osho Ldhate the chickens were killed. He had chicken fillet knife in the legs. But only if the rooster jumped on him and stab wounds and died.