Death is a stark fact. Many people believe that one’s good deeds and sins become the reasons for our long life or death respectively. That is why as per every religious scripture, it is important to do good things in life.

While there are many hidden secrets mentioned in ancient scriptures about death, today we will tell you about 3 things, which tell us how people can die.
In ‘Garuda Puran’, Lord Krishna has said how people can die based on their works. For instance, those people who always say the truth and have faith and belief in God, their death is peaceful.
Those who preach others ignorance, malice or selfishness, spread greed, they suffer a lot and have a painful death.
Those who lie, give false testimony, break faith with the scriptures and the ‘Vedas’ are the most evil and their death is the worse. They die when unconscious.

So, what all such people go through?
For such people, deadly and scary ‘Yamduts’ (Yamraj’s messengers) come to take them to hell. At this time, the person cries for help and remembers all those who were close to him/her in life.

In such a situation, the dying person can’t speak a word from his mouth even if he wants to. His eyes start moving around. Water in the mouth dries up completely. Breathing increases and then he leaves his life in utmost suffering.