You horror house, fort or fortress must have heard about but have you ever heard of the Island as a whole is haunted. The Lagoons of northern Italy, the Venetian is banned on the island. The government has imposed a ban on people here.
“Island of the Dead ‘is difficult to go back to the people escaped alive. Plague on the island hundreds of years ago by bringing patients were left to die. The Black Death (black fever) while it continued to be used in the Island.
Those who died, they were buried on the same. Given the increasing number of patients around 1 lakh 60 thousand sick people were burnt alive. Since then, people began to believe the horror and the island was completely deserted.
Mental hospital was built on the island in 1922, but it closed a few years later. It is said that the doctors and nurses were many unusual things seemed to be.
Mental hospital until several years after the closure of the island was deserted again. Then the Italian government in 1960, it was sold to private owners. That man was a few days with my family, then departed from this place.
Then I bought a second family to make it a holiday home, but also a day just to survive. It is said that the daughter of the owner of the Island to the mouth was hacked by someone who had to add fourteen stitches.
After these events many people tried to examine it. But most people are really looking for and they could not come back alive from the island to be deserted forever. However, he said those who escaped returned to the wandering souls of the dead are from the disease.