Britain’s Princess Diana was a man who was dying after years of constant discussion. At Diana’s death was not a secret. August 31, 1997 in Paris at the age of 36 in a road accident had died. The British public for their beauty and charity Diana was loved. Today is also the example of their beauty. Lady Diana to Princess Diana …
Lady Diana to Princess Diana
Born in a normal family, Diana’s parents were separated at an early age. About 8 years when they were sent to boarding school. Diana was not good in studies. Lady Diana first came into the limelight when his and Britain’s Prince Charles was reported engagement. July 29, 1981 after the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana became Princess Diana. Two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry are both.
Death Mystery
36-year-old Princess Diana was killed in a car accident. The accident happened in Paris and her friend Dodi Al Fayd Egyptian film producer and Playboy were also killed. It is said that some journalists saw the two of them wanted to take photos, which raised the speed of the car by the driver to escape, but the tunnel was in the car control and crashed. Princess Diana and Dodi in the limelight that is having an affair.