It happens to each one of us that we get overwhelmed with work, life, and situations we have no control over. So, what happens when your manager is bogged down with work pressure? Work pressure is prevalent among managers.Th e reason behind it is the changing economic landscape; fast-moving technologies and 247 work with little to no downtime. All this tends to add up to far too much pressure. A boss who may have once been known to lead with emotional intelligence, build a great team, and motivate people becomes grumpy and cynical when under work pressure. So, how should a subordinate handle such a situation?
The first and the foremost thing that a subordinate should do is suggested by Saba Adil, chief people officer, Aegon Life Insurance, “For every situation that seems difficult or stressful, the thumb rule is to understand the ‘why’ and be empathetic in work situations.To deal with your manager when he or she is under work pressure, one must first know the reason of the stress.”
There are some further effective ideas to deal with a stressed-out manager:
Your manager is stressed out for a reason; understand that in the first place and give them the required space. “His or her mind is cluttered with agendas, projects, meetings, difficult decisions and a shortage of time. Being respectful of their space will not only allow them to deal with their stress, but it will also keep you out of the line of fire,”suggests Manuel D’Souza, chief human resources officer, Intelenet Global Services.
It is good to keep your manager informed about your decisions, but one doesn’t have to wait for their approval to keep things moving. Many a times, he or she will be relieved that things happened without him or her having to be involved in every detail. “Be independent and empowered in taking decisions within your scope. While it is good to keep the manager in the loop, it may not be necessary to seek approval at every juncture unless told to do so. They may not really be enthused in micro managing; again the key is to know your boss’s leadership style,” says Adil.
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