The mourners had arrived, the obituary was published, the rituals and last rites were to start. But Padmabai Lodha, 59, didn’t make it to the funeral pyre. She was rushed, instead, to an ICU after family members detected a faint pulse.
Padmabai, a homemaker who had slipped into an unconscious state on Monday, sent the Lodha household into a tizzy on Wednesday . In fact, the family had completed one set of rituals on Tuesday morning, even as Padmabai lay, an oxygen mask covering her face.
Padmabai Lodha, wife of K Mahendra Kumar Rakesh Lodha, treasurer with Pinjarapole Society in Mysuru, had felt uneasy after dinner on Sunday night at her residence on Basaveshwara Road in Agrahara. As she had trouble breathing, family members rushed her to a nearby private nursing home.
She was shifted to the ICU around 1.30am Monday. Till late Monday evening, doctors conducted various tests and later conveyed to family members that Padmabai had suffered multi-organ failure, and there was little chance of her surviving, alleged her relative Manish Lodha.
`Docs said she was breathing’
The doctors reportedly told the family that Padmabai was breathing as she was on ventilator support. “They said there was no point keeping her alive as she wouldn’t survive long, and suggested we take her home. They said the patient would die within five minutes of pulling the oxygen pipe,” he told TOI.
“The family was in deep shock as she was normal and active till she had dinner on Sunday night. We believed the doctors and decided to take her home on Tuesday morning. We informed our relatives in Rajasthan, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai to come to Mysuru as soon as possible, as her condition was critical,” he explained.
The Tuesday edition of Rajasthan Patrika carried her obituary, listing the date of death as May 16, and inviting people for the last rites on May 18. At 9.30am Tuesday, the family discharged Padmabai from hospital and brought her home, connected to an oxygen cylinder. While doctors had said she would die within minutes, she continued to breathe. “We checked her pulse, which was normal. I called my doctor friends and explained the situation. They directed us to admit her to hospital immediately. So we rushed her to Apollo Hospital,” he explained.
`Discharged against advice’
Doctors at Apollo Hospital confirmed that Padmabai had suffered a brain haemorrhage but her body organs were normal and her condition stable, family members said.
Authorities at the nursing home said the family had discharged the patient against medical advice, saying they wanted her to die at home, and refuted allegations of medical negligence.
Meanwhile, Mahendra Kumar Lodha admitted they had voluntarily discharged Padmabai from the nursing home, after signing the discharge documents. “We thought she would not survive and brought her home,” he said.