In a strange incident, a 59-year-old woman who was presumed dead, was found alive during  the funeral procession to the crematorium, and has been shifted to a private hospital for treatment.

The family is in deep shock and said, “The private hospital can’t be so negligent,  they have played with our emotions. We could never have forgiven ourselves if she had been cremated,” they said.

Padma Bhai Loda wife of Mahendra Loda a businessman and resident of Basaveswar road at Agrahara is the mother of a son and two daughters.

According to Manish Loda, her nephew, Padma Bhai complained of uneasiness and was immediately rushed to a multispecialty hospital in the early hours of Sunday.  “The hospital  said, she had suffered brain haemorrhage and multiple organ failure, and was surviving on ventilator support. We even gave an obituary ad in a Rajasthani newspaper,.” he said.

“We were getting ready for the funeral when we found she was still breathing and her pulse could be felt. She is under observation at a hospital. Once she recovers, we will take action against the  hospital,” Manish Loda said.