Bijing: kchin Kaifeng City in Henan Province, is a man who has lived for 20 years in the bomb shelter. Its name is Dai. You will be surprised to know that this person lives in the bomb shelter, as well as having the narrower and about 260 feet deep inside it is quite dark, then why the man in the dark shelter
The surrounding areas of Dai says that rent is too high. For this reason he made the bomb shelter home. Dai said that when he came to live here in 1996, then at the dead body of the infected people had died from illnesses, which was thrown by those nearby hospital. I removed it and made habitable.
After retiring from government jobs Please tell the midwife saw many houses for rent in nearby areas, but they were quite expensive. So, he decided to stay in the shelter. They say that I am not married, which I do not mind staying here. He is also a bicycle other than the bed. However, neither the midwife nor give much information about yourself to get pictures taken.