It was an emotional scene at the deputy commissioner of police (south) office in Purani Haveli on Thursday as two women from the United Arab Emirates were reunited with their mother after 30 long years.
It was last January that Ayesha Eid Obaid (29) and Fatima Rasheed Eid Obaid (26), residents of the United Arab Emirates, approached DCP V Satyanarayana requesting him to find their mother.
The cops began searching for the mother, identified as Nazia Begum (60), a resident of Santosh Nagar. “The two ladies brought a picture of Nazia. We wanted to reunite the family and so we started speaking to a lot of people in Nazia’s locality. Many had moved away and some were dead. We then spoke to an old man who gave us some details,” Satyanarayana said.
As it turns out, Nazia was married off to Rasheed Eid Obaid Rifaq, an Arab from the UAE 30 years ago. The marriage was set up by agents and her parents after which Nazia went to live with him. But problems began as soon as she set foot in her new house. To her horror, she found out that Rifaq was already married to another woman.
“Nazia lived with the Arab for a few years. This is when the two daughters were born,” explained Satyanarayana.
When things went sour, Rifaq divorced Nazia, gave tickets to Hyderabad and passport in her hand and sent her packing back to the city, without her daughters.
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The tragic saga of marriages of young women to older Arabs is well known.”Once she was back, there was not much her family could do as they were poor. So they got her married to a fruit vendor from Bidar,” said the DCP .
But what was crucial in reuniting the family torn apart by the abhorrent practice of marriages to nationals of Arab countries was the fact that the younger daughter had six fingers on one of her hands.This crucial detail helped the cops verify the case as genuine after they finally managed to trace Nazia through posters, and found her in Bidar, Karnataka.
“Nazia told us that one of her daughters had six fingers. When we cross checked this, one of the two ladies who had come to us confirmed that she had six finger and had only recently got the extra finger operated and removed.She showed us the scar and we knew that the case was genuine,” Satyanarayana said.
A meeting was then set up at the DCP’s office and the family was reunited.
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