‘School Girls for sale in Japan’nam documentary on YouTube about 60 million people in the last few months have seen. This documentary reveals how the US media in a developing country, teenage girls are standing on the street waiting for male customers. These girls usually walk together in cafés to sit and talk or to serve food and drink service is. Prostitusn even minor girls are …
The matter was investigated by the UN
However, the documentary revealed that the girls not only dating, but sex service are also offered. According to a report, documentary, facing Japan after the United Nations to investigate the dating service was announced. 16 years of age as the girls in school uniforms are on the streets.
Know the name of JK Business
JK Joshi Kosei this work or business is known. It also came to light that the dating service to some guy gangs operate in the protection of their works and girls. Usually 30 to 50 years old are taking their service. An hour ‘Soshlaij “Girls to be worth around 550 charge.
Questions are also raised on the victim in Japan
Lighthouse Centre for Human Trafficking Victims, an institution of Japan Shikohu Fujiwala director explains, “Sometimes these girls, they are involved have already been a victim of sexual violence. Culture of Japan questioned the victim several times, so he can not openly expressed their discomfort. ”
Earlier in Japan, organized by the US State Department warned about Prostitusn network may be its victims are women and girls. Let me tell you about the situation in Japan, children and women is not right. In late June 2014, the government legislated to illegal child pornography.