For many fashion bloggers hoping to make it big in the industry, they have some big shoes to fill. That’s all thanks to influencers like Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What, who has helped change and elevate fashion on social media. Mixing high-fashion brands like Chanel and Chloe with affordable classics like Zara, Bernstein has found the perfect styling sweet spot between affordable and aspirational.

With over 4 years of experience in the social space under her belt, Bernstein has seen the different ways the fashion blogging industry has developed. So if there’s anyone to ask for insight before diving in head first, it’s her. Her biggest piece of advice for up-and-coming bloggers is a question she gets asked on the daily — and Bernstein has one simple, but genius answer to her fan’s biggest inquiry.

We recently sat down with the social fashion icon to talk about how she conceptualizes her outfits, the dynamic between her and her fans, and the one piece of advice she gives to every aspiring blogger.

How often do trends affect your day-to-day style?
I wouldn’t say the affect my day-to-day style. They have some influence on things that I look to for the next season, for instance the new purchases I’ll make. But I wouldn’t say they fully affect my day-to-day wardrobe decisions.

What’s the dynamic like between you and your fans?
I’ve always like to think of my blog as the perfect mix of relatable and aspirational. So a lot of my followers feel like we’re best friends. I know my followers, I know what they like to see, and I talk to them when I get to meet them at events. There’s a lot of trust between us and they feel like they can relate to me and look up to me. So I feel somewhat like I’m a role model to them.