Snack show calamity lives at that time was in the audience when the cobra bite ran from his trainer. Trainer soon managed it. The incident occurred in Thailand show a snack. The snack was running the show in Phuket Thailand. Injoy audience it was plenty. Cobra suddenly jumped into the audience. It makes your victim by her trainer already has control. 200 people die of video bytes Dekenak …
Kobre poison is so dangerous that it is a poison or an elephant, a drop of 200 people could die. The show has an audience in the show recorded in the phones. Cobra showed that from the beginning was a little angry. Different tricks to entertain the audience with his trainer was his.
He bend down when she was most amazing act which is at the head of the cobra. Cobra then raises his head and an aggressive fast becomes. Although cobras are shy. But when faced with the enemy, it can raise your body up to a third. And to attack from the front.
Given the finding that the performer COBRA Act Patience is a test. As the crowd moved to the trainer that Cobra attack him instead attacks the audience. He would raise his head and was preparing to attack the trainer brings him occupied.