If the glass bridge in the world and strong arm are made from steel. Above them is a different experience to go through. While there are some bridges Jae just wooden boards and iron wires and are bound by deep rivers and lakes are flowing down. Is difficult to pass over them. But some people put their lives on the palm Bridge passing day. There are many bridges across the globe. We are here to tell you about Pakistan Bridges are similar. … Life is stuck in the throat
1. Hussaini Bridge
Pakistan is the most dangerous bridge. It is made up of wooden boards and door. Gilgit-Baltistan in northern Pakistan is located in the area. It connects Northern Pakistan Hunza River Side. Pakistan is considered as well as the world’s most dangerous bridge. It is believed that this bridge was built by the local people. Millions of tourists come here from around the world test their patience.

2. Tarzan Bridge
The Bridge Naran, Pakistan remains Kunhar River. This bridge is so dangerous that it is forbidden to look down while crossing.
3. Stor Bridge
The bridge is made up of wood and heavy iron wires. Blistan Astor is located in the Gilgit Valley. It is a bridge of Pakistan which is designed for humans. This means the animals can not get or carts.
4. Diosai Bridge
It also called Bara Water Bridge. The Gilgit in Pakistan. The National Park and is Diosai in Skardu. The bridge is made using a cable and lanyard.
5. Dnyor Bridge
The bridge was built 50 years ago. It is Pakistan’s longest bridge. It connects Denyor to Gilgit. Unsafe by the District Administration has been declared. Currently the bridge is closed to vehicles and pedestrians only for itself.