Rose petals, scented candles and dim lighting – all indicated a romantic tryst. But the illusion was broken by the presence of the lifeless bodies. Aspiring dancers Sachin and Yogita were found dead at a dance academy near IGNOU in south Delhi on Wednesday morning. It appeared that the youth had first strangled the woman with an electrical wire and then hanged himself from the ceiling using her stole, said the police. The bizarre scene was first noticed by a sweeper who entered the unlocked door of the academy. Yogita’s body was lying near a sofa in the hall, while Sachin’s was hanging from the ceiling around 15 feet away. Police took the bodies to AIIMS where they were declared to have been dead when brought in. When Yogita (23) came to the ABC Dance Academy run by 24-year-old Sachin a year ago it was love at first sight. But what happened on Tuesday night are all conjectures. Primary investigations indicate that relations between the two weren’t on an even keel. “No suicide note was recovered from the spot,” said a senior police officer. “And after questioning Yogita’s batchmates at the academy and those to whom Sachin was known, it appears that the young man suspected the girl was having an affair with another man. That could be the motive for the murder.” Another police officer added that the arrangement of flowers and candles and the fact that the class timings on Tuesday had been changed meant that Sachin had planned the evening in advance. “The girl’s family was apparently planning to get her married to someone else and she had recently shared this information with Sachin,” said the cop. “It is possible that the young man planned to kill her because of this, and later committed suicide out of guilt.” Friends of the duo told police that there were frequent quarrels between the two in the recent past and that Sachin had imposed restrictions on Yogita talking to other men. Having registered a case of murder at Mehrauli police station, the cops have accessed the call records of the couple. The bodies have been sent for post-mortem examination to ascertain the exact cause and time of death. Family members of both the deceased are being questioned.