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Blue dancers perform on stage, you have seen, but it is not in Cuba. People dancing on the stage takes on different streets. Recent photos of the dancers and Omar Robles captured by the New York-based photographer who has become viral on social networking sites. Photos young fearlessly on the streets seem to do ballet. Here’s what the photographer …
Photographer Omar said a few months ago I was in Cuba. Despite their poverty, the people do not see the faces of the tension slightly. They are hooked to their tune. Phil Nations culture where dance performed by dancers in the street meeting. The children playing in the streets and the park can be seen. It is a pleasant experience to see everything.
Omar said the dancers performing in the street when I saw the first Nations culture so I could not stop myself from doing photography. It was really interesting sight. However, this does not happen in our society. People often refuse to such performance, but the performance of the Cuban people, not just love, but also respect those who do.