This photo is one of the world’s largest and major dams “Itaipu Hydroelectric Plant and Dam ‘is. Brazil and Paraguay border magnificent example of engineering specialists and thousands of ordinary people to see the worldwide reach
Paraná River, built in 1984, 22 per cent use electricity plant in Brazil, Paraguay, while 78 per cent is used. The 20 turbines are installed here. Each has the capacity to produce 700 MW. With a total power capacity of 12,600 MW, the world’s largest hydropower plant is called. The total length of 196 meters, the dam height is 7919 meters.
The dam has changed the course of the Parana River in October 1978. Then in October 1982 designed storage area. After the completion of dam construction in the area due to flooding once the dam was 100 meters across. The first unit started work in May 1984.
Built by dictator rulers
In October 1979 during the construction of the dam water level in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay that was compromised. This was a period, when the three countries were ruled by military dictators. The agreement was so important, because it was suspected that Argentina capital Buenos Aires from Brazil dam water can drown. Pollution-free technology, making it more than a nuclear power plant produces 10.