A cyber-attack at Calgary’s Cowboys Casino — potentially breaching the personal information of staff and customers — has the venue scrambling to let people know while taking action to try to prevent it from happening again.

The incident, which was detected Monday, could affect about 1,600 casino patrons and 300 staff, the general manager told CBC News Friday.

Tyrone Waite says, while he’s fairly confident no personal information has left the building, notifying all of the people who might be affected, has been a challenge.

“I’ve had the busiest single week of my life,” Waite said.

“We got a hold of everybody as soon as we could, the police got involved and the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. They had people, so it was kind of reassuring to know that there are experts out there that can come and help.”

He said credit card information was not compromised, but names, phone numbers and addresses were.

The casino is notifying everyone on the list.

Waite says an investigation is under way to determine how it happened, but online security has already been increased.

Customers with questions or concerns can reach the casino by email at tyrone@cowboyscasino.ca or they can contact the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta at 1-888-878-4044.