Cyanogen has started rolling out version 13.1 of its OS with Mod support to OnePlus One smartphones. Mod basically means third-party app support is built into the OS, allowing for faster access and control.As Cyanogen’s blog post explains, “Mods are your favorite features, right where you expect them. Mods give you a way to make your smartphone uniquely yours, welcome to the post-app era.”To enable a Mod on the lock screen, users have to go the settings, tap on Lock Screen, Select Lock Screen Mods, and then tap on the mod of choice.There’s the Twitter Mod feature which lets users see trending tweets, news on the site from the lock screen itself. All a user has to do is wake up their device, swipe left, and the fullscreen Twitter experience will start, without a user having to open the app separately.Cyanogen OS 13.1 also comes with more integrated apps from Microsoft, including Skype integration in the Phone app, more control for Cortana.Skype will now be a part of the Phone app in Cyanogen OS 13.1 and above, and all of a user’s Skype contacts and call history are right in the dialer. Plus users can start a Skype voice call, and then upgrade to a video call anytime with the tap of a button. Skype contacts are clearly marked and searchable in Phone contacts and users can also buy Skype Credit right from the dialer, make Skype to Skype calls for free.Cyanogen had announced integration with Cortana earlier, and this new update rolls out more features. Users can ask Cortana to “take a selfie”, with a timer. Also the Cortana Mod has been extended to the lock screen for easier access to the smartphone via the voice-assistant, without unlocking the smartphone.Users can search, set reminders, etc via the Cortana Mod from the Lock-screen itself. However the Cortana Mod is limited to the US only.Mods are also extended into the email and phone with OneNote from Microsoft. In email app, a user can easily save an important email to OneNote for future reference. They can also take a note during a call right from the phone app via OneNote.
Cyanogen OS 13.1 also brings Microsoft Hyperlapse mod for camera app. Users can switch modes to Hyperlapse, and shoot their video and after shooting, set the speed. Users can also Hyperlapse existing videos on their phone.