Ever wondered if you can rock a belly button, but held yourself back because you are scared of piercings and the pain? Then the clip-on belly button rings are the answer to your prayers. With no piercing and no worry of blood and pain, these are the coolest accessories that you can flaunt.

Clip on belly button rings come with a clasp that allows you to clip them onto your skin. It does not pain and looks super cool dangling from your belly button.

Here are some cute designs for you to choose from.


With the crop-top fashion came back the belly button rings style in great swing. Giving room to flaunt the flat belly and add more bling, this style is quite raging. Skim through the floral styles for an idea and we are sure you will eventually end up with a great belly button piercing.

A cute little rose belly button ring with a clasp and a stud on top to make it look authentic. This cute ring is for girls who love flowers (who deosn’t?) and floral designs.