It was disaster times four at the electronics store HBH Woolacotts in UK when a customer, casually browsing, accidentally smashed TV sets worth 5,000 pounds. Cue in the collective gasps now.

CCTV footage from the store shows the customer looking at a flatscreen on display, knocking it over another one placed close by, then bumping into two others behind him and hence causing the worst domino effect ever.

If this were a movie, it would have been hilarious. But reality bites.

The video, posted by the brand on October 13, has since gone viral with over 2.5 million views on YouTube. “If you think you’re having a bad day, spare a thought for this poor customer at our St. Austell store, who managed to damage over £5000 worth of TVs, including a curved 55″ OLED! Ouch!” they said on Facebook.

While many have reacted to the video saying it makes for an unbearable watch and they would not want to be in this position ever, others have questioned if the whole thing was staged. Some asked if the customer had to pay for damages (since most stores go with a ‘you break it you buy it’ policy). The store hasn’t said anything about what happened after the incident.